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Servoy Based Business Solutions

What can we do for you?

  • Build your custom software business application
  • Manage your database and queries and optimize performance
  • Convert your old legacy software to Servoy in record time
  • Connect and utilize your devices (Barcode scanners, registers, machines, printers etc.)
  • Get a grip on your project using scrum with bi-weekly, weekly or even daily increments
  • Structure and organise your data

Please contact us if you would like to discuss the possibilities or perhaps let us build a prototype free of charge?


The most important reasons for us to choose Servoy as our software development platform:

  • RAD – Rapid Application Development – very fast and easy development
  • One code base for all platforms (Windows, Mac and Linux)
  • Deploy as a desktop application, web app or next generation client
  • One click deployment
  • PAAS – Platform as a service or on site

For more info check out Servoy’s website

We have more than five years of experience with Servoy and would love to show you what we can do with it! We have done projects for a variety of businesses, ask us about it!

Visual FoxPro conversion

  • We have more than 20 years of Visual FoxPro experience
  • VFP has expired and Servoy is the logical successor in our opinion
  • Let us convince you that development in Servoy is faster!
  • Servoy can connect to DBF files but converting to PostgreSQL makes sense
  • We can convert your VFP application to Servoy quicker than you think
  • We can also assist you to make the transition yourself
  • Check out our VFP to Servoy site onĀ

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Intrasoft Solution Center